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NYC Business Attorneys

scales of justice b&w imageOdini Gogo & Joshua Moore are experienced, dedicated business law attorneys providing complete corporate counsel to the individuals and businesses of New York City. With over 25 years of combined experience providing legal advice and support as private attorneys for large corporations and private law firms, Gogo & Moore have the experience, knowledge, and dedication to provide you with outstanding legal counsel and guidance.

As NYC business attorneys, they are dedicated to providing support to anyone who is looking to protect their investment or make smart decisions for their future and the future of their organization.

Protecting You And Your Business

Many companies seek legal support from a business attorney as a reaction to a specific problem or concern. When you are in a situation that looks as if it may take a legal turn, time is of the essence. If this is your first time working with a particular corporate lawyer, you will need to allow time to provide background information on your business and the situation, and coming in late in the game can leave you at a disadvantage.

We recommend finding a business attorney before you need one. This allows you to vet many different potential legal partners and choose the one that best fits your personal and business needs. An experienced, knowledgeable business lawyer can provide support from business formation to developing your exit strategy, and can assist you with any legal battles or concerns throughout the life of your business.

Having a dedicated partner who has worked with you long-term means that they are already familiar with your business intricacies and can provide specific support much more quickly and effectively, providing you the best possible chance for a successful outcome if legal issues arise.

Providing Complete Legal Support

Joshua Moore & Odini Gogo, NYC Business Lawyers

Gogo & Moore provides businesses with complete legal counsel and support to New York City businesses, assisting with every aspect of business law. From assisting with agreements and contracts to litigation and legal researching, we provide the assistance you need to save time, money, and have the best chance of obtaining favorable results in all your business ventures.

Our legal services include:

Whether you have an immediate legal need or are looking to build a relationship with an experienced NYC business law firm, Gogo & Moore provides experienced and qualified guidance and assistance for large and small businesses and individuals.

A Corporate Law Firm You Can Trust

Selecting a corporate attorney to support you throughout the life of your business can be a source of stress and anxiety. At Gogo & Moore, we help to relieve this anxiety by providing compassionate, experienced, and cost-efficient counsel to businesses of all sizes, utilizing our 25+ years of experience in corporate law.

Graduates of some of the US’s top law schools, Mr. Gogo and Mr. Moore have both the capabilities and experience to guide you through any legal challenges your business may face. From filing your initial business formation documents to handling complex litigation, assisting with a business sale, or simply helping you to mitigate potential risks throughout the course of your business, the corporate attorneys at Gogo & Moore will support you and provide the legal advice you need every step of the way.

Free NYC Business Lawyer Consultation

Gogo & Moore, NYC Attorneys at LawWe don’t expect you to pay to learn about who we are and what we can do for you as your legal counsel or representative. We provide free initial consultations to any established or new business owner who wants to learn more about what we have to offer.

Whether you are looking for a trademark attorney, contract attorney, litigator, or small business lawyer, Gogo & Moore can provide the support you need to make the right decisions for your business or corporation.

For your Free Consultation with an experienced, dedicated NYC Business Law Firm, call Gogo & Moore at (646) 941-8244 today!