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NYC Business Formation Attorneys

Grand Opening BusinessStarting a new business venture can be an exciting and scary process. You are faced with a lot of challenging decisions to make, some of which may not even be clear at the onset. An experienced business formation attorney, like the dedicated team at Gogo & Moore, will not only help you to understand what you are facing, but will help you to make the right decisions to support your overall goals.

With the ability to accelerate your decision-making process, working with a business formation law firm saves you money early on by allowing you to open your doors for business sooner.

Instead of researching the differences between an LLC, corporation, partnership, and sole-proprietorship, struggling to determine what paperwork to file and where, and stressing over whether or not your contracts properly protect your business, you can focus on creating your vision for the future.

Gogo & Moore is your business formation legal partner, providing the support and assistance you need to set you up for a successful venture long-term.

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What A Business Lawyer Does For You

A business attorney is your dedicated partner, providing insight into the legal side of business ownership. Beyond providing advice and support, Gogo & Moore‘s main focus is on protecting your business interests for the long-term.

When you select Gogo & Moore as your legal representation for your new business, you are getting a proactive partner dedicated to your success, who will support you throughout the life of your business or relationship.

Gogo & Moore provides complete business legal services, including:

  • Explaining the different business organization entity types, such as sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, corporation, etc.
  • Explaining the differences in tax structure, business liability, operations management, and start-up costs relevant the different business forms
  • Listening and providing insight to assist you in selecting the right business organization form to meet your personal and business’s needs while helping you mitigate risk
  • Drafting all necessary contracts and agreements for your business type, including partnership agreements, articles of incorporation, bylaws, articles of organization, or operating agreements
  • Contract review and advice for establishing relationships with partners, vendors, distributors, and employees
  • Drafting, reviewing, and filing all government registration documents required for your new business formation
  • Drafting tax forms required for you to start business
  • Securing any business start-up permits and licenses from your local, state, and federal governments
  • Intellectual Property protection and enforcement
  • Answering any legal or contract questions you may have regarding your new business
  • General business legal support throughout the life of your business

Our goal is to provide you the insight, tools, and resources you need to make long-term business decisions that will protect you and your organization both now and in the future. By having a proactive, dedicated partner on your side, you will be more readily able to identify and mitigate potential risks before they arise. Handling incorporation to litigation and everything in between, Gogo & Moore looks forward to becoming your business attorneys of choice.

Franchising A Business

Are you considering opening a business franchise? Whether you have a particular franchise in mind or need assistance selecting the right one for you, Gogo & Moore is here to support you every step of the way. As your franchise attorney, we will ensure that you are selecting a structure that supports your personal and business goals, and will assist with reviewing any related contracts or documentation required by the franchisor.

Are you considering franchising your business? Becoming a franchisor has its own unique set of challenges, and Gogo & Moore is equipped to handle them all! We provide advice, support, and legal guidance to help you make the right decisions, as well as assist with any necessary filing, contracts, and paperwork associated with opening new business locations with independent owners.

Whether you are considering opening a franchise or franchising your own business, there are many different types of business agreements and arrangements that can have a big impact on your ability to effectively market, manage, and maintain profitability for your business. Gogo & Moore ensures that you have a full understanding of what franchising entails, and will help you to define initial costs and investment requirements, long-term business strategy, and assist you in mitigating any potential risks you may have related to the new business venture.

Free Consultation with an NYC Business Formation Attorney

Gogo & Moore, NYC Attorneys at LawGogo & Moore understands that interviewing potential business attorney partners is vital to selecting the right law firm to support and represent you during any stage of your business formation, growth, or dissolution. We offer free initial consultations to any new potential partners, allowing you the opportunity to learn more about how we can protect and support your business interests.

If you are considering opening a business in New York City, or are in the early stages of business formation, Gogo & Moore wants to provide you with dedicated and experienced legal support that allows you to maximize your investment, minimize risk, and protect your business in and out of the courtroom.

Call Gogo & Moore today at (646) 941-8244 for your Free Consultation with an experienced Business Formation Attorney!