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NYC Corporate Attorneys

Having a knowledgeable corporate attorney on your side is vital to the success of any business.

Your corporate lawyer will provide you with a wealth of business information and services, assisting you in making smart decisions to actively protect your business and mitigate risk. Advice on how to prepare contracts, manage, hire, retain, discipline and discharge employees, as well as ensure federal and state compliance with wage, labor, health, benefits, and discrimination laws are only a portion of what a business lawyer does to protect you, your business, and your interests.

Whether you are entering, creating, expanding, or terminating your business entity, assistance from an experienced corporate lawyer, such as the talented business attorneys at Gogo & Moore, may mean the difference between a harmonious business environment and expensive and time-consuming litigation.

At Gogo & Moore, our goal is to provide you the advice, support, and representation you need to effectively handle any issues that may arise within your business throughout the life of your organization.

If you are looking for big-firm quality representation without the exorbitant rates, call Gogo & Moore at (646) 941-8244 today.

Law Firm for the Modern Business

scales of justice b&w imageGogo & Moore is an NYC corporate law firm with over 25 years of combined experience that encompasses most practice areas, from deep litigation, appellate law, and transactional experience.

In today’s modern business environment, you not only have to protect yourself from physical threats to your business, you must also protect yourself from digital threats. Every company does business online, whether they are a full e-commerce entity, are processing credit card payments, or are simply sending corporate emails and communications. All of these activities, as simple as they may seem, can open your business up to potential fraud or data theft.

With the rapidly changing tech environment, it is important that you work with a business attorney who makes staying on top of current and future trends a priority.

We are experts in technology agreements and have the experience required to properly and effectively represent you in these types of matters. For assistance with commercial transactions, fintech and blockchain support, data privacy and cybersecurity, or just general business advice and support, Gogo & Moore are your NYC business law partners.

Experienced in All Facets of Business Law

As both private corporate counsel and litigators, as well as an independent firm, Gogo & Moore have handled just about every aspect of corporate law, including:

Whether your legal need involves a partner, an employee, a client or another business, Gogo & Moore seeks appropriate resolution including an aggressive legal defense when needed, while keeping the best interests of your business top of mind.

Mediation & Arbitration

Gogo & Moore is dedicated to providing effective guidance that lays the foundation for businesses to handle the majority of their disagreements outside of a courtroom. Beginning with your business formation documentation and contracts, we build in ways to mitigate potential legal risks by including clauses for mediation and arbitration rather than through litigation. Our experienced contract lawyers provide personalized legal assistance specific to your business and needs, assisting you in creating the right documents and clauses to best protect your business and your interests.

If legal action is taken, we ensure that all contracts are enforced and that the case follows the guidelines defined in your agreements. We assist with arranging mediation or arbitration within the appropriate setting, and will diligently and effectively represent your interests in any way possible.

Business & Commercial Litigation

No attorney can promise that any judge or a jury will rule in their client’s favor. Each case has unique facts, and is up to the considerations and individual interpretations of the law of the judge and jury. Experienced attorneys, like Gogo & Moore, seek to build the best possible case, allowing you the best possible chance for a favorable and speedy resolution.

An experienced and talented trial attorney understands and addresses the risks of business litigation, providing insight and advice to their client throughout the process so that they have a full understanding of the different outcomes, and how those unique outcomes will impact their life and business.

Although Gogo & Moore prides themselves on their ability to handle many issues amicably outside the courtroom, they are fully prepared to prosecute your case to the fullest extent of the law or provide a compelling, creative, and persuasive defense on your behalf. Whatever side of the courtroom you may be on, Gogo & Moore is there for you, driven to produce your most desired results.

Request a Consultation with an Experienced NYC Business Lawyer

Gogo & Moore, NYC Attorneys at LawRunning a business or corporation means making hard decisions for the future of both you personally and for your organization. You need a legal partner dedicated to helping you make smart decisions, providing the advice you need to protect your future, and who will aggressively protect your rights.

Gogo & Moore has unique insight and experience in the modern business world, allowing you to mitigate and properly prepare for any technical and physical challenges your business may face. As your business attorneys, our firm is dedicated to providing big firm caliber work at an affordable price. We look forward to being the support your business needs to have a successful future.

Contact Gogo & Moore today at  (646) 941-8244 to Request a Consultation with an Experienced and Dedicated NYC Corporate Attorney.